Visible Skin Care Procedure

An optimal solution that enables checking the patients’ skin temperature right in front of the eye in real-time when dermatologists use heat-generating equipment such as laser or high frequency on the patients’ skin. Also, you can record and save the treatment video.

Able to check the thermal information in real-time

right in front of your eye – maximizing the treatment effect

Since MetaSCOPE THERMO® accurately measures and displays changes in skin temperature in real-time, dermatologists can directly reflect changes in skin temperature during the procedure. It can recognize the highest/lowest temperature that does not cause injury leading to the maximized treatment result securing perfect patient safety. Until now, the procedure has been performed relying only on the subjective experience of the dermatologist, but now, the use of this solution can dramatically improve the procedure environment.

Able to build trust between dermatologist and patient by securing the safety of the procedure

By wearing MetaSCOPE THERMO®, dermatologists can perform procedures while accurately checking skin temperature, increasing the accuracy of the procedure and ensuring patient safety.

Prevention of injury by detailed management

of the patients’ skin temperature

(burns, frostbite, blisters, etc.)

MetaSCOPE THERMO® guarantees the accuracy of the entire procedure, including before and after the procedure, and the accuracy of the procedure related to temperature minimizes potential side effects such as burns or frostbite that may occur on the skin due to mismanagement of the temperature.

Supporting R&D work and treatment development studies

MetaSCOPE THERMO® can be optimal research equipment that shortens the period to derive results because it provides objective values ​​related to temperature in various R&D or treatment

development studies.

Thermal information

displayed right in front of your eyes

Field of Use

MetaSCOPE THERMO®can be used

for all procedures or surgeries

that generate heat on the skin

This device can assist non-medical personnel to collect accurately quantified clinical data. (Applicable laws vary by region)

Fields of video utilization

  • All video data can be recorded in real-time. The recording function helps to understand and compare the progress of the disease.

  • MetaSCOPE THERMO®'s recorded digital video data makes it possible to respond to various situations that may occur between medical staffs or between medical staff and patient.

  • Patients can intuitively check the procedure and predicted results through the video provided through MetaSCOPE THERMO®.

  • Digital video data of MetaSCOPE THERMO® can be used as an innovative tool to upgrade medical staff's skill through training process. Digitalized video materials are an optimal tool to help medical staff who need constant training.

Function of quantification

The distance measurement sensor(ToF) mounted on MetaSCOPE THERMO® quantifies and displays the diameter or area of the affected area in real-time. So, it simply shows the process of diagnosis and treatment in the clinical field with objective figures.


Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Most accurate IR temperature measurement (Temperature compensation mode)

Visible Camera

  • Overlaying a visual image on top of a thermal image makes it possible to accurately identify the patient's affected area (Provides 4 image modes with 2 types of cameras)

Distance measuring sensor(ToF), temperature sensor

Small size, light weight


World's Best Wearable Display

  • It’s like watching a 40-inch monitor from a distance of 1.5 meters

  • Viewing the Eyes Up Display while maintaining peripheral vision simultaneously

  • Wide FOV (40°) and clear images



Optics Type

Optics Tech

Form Factor

Resolution, Ratio

FOV (diagonal)


Light guide

Detachable Visor / Top down optics

1080p (per eye), 16:9





Interface for charge

5,000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery/

10,000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery(Use for 2 hours)




IR Camera


Visible Camera

Camera viewing angle

320x240, 9fps, 8~14um, FOV : 34°(H) x 25°(V), measuring temperature -40°C ~+80°C


5MP CMOS, FOV : 65°

tiltable (+45°, -55°)

Display mode

Display resolution


over FHD(1920X1080p)

Mode 1 (Thermal Only), Mode 2 (PIP), Mode 3 (Thermal Overlay), Mode 4 (Thermal ROI)

Remote Controller



Bluetooth 4.0, 2.4GHz


available for Windows 10