Product information


stability and comfort,

wear with ease,

and enjoy an enhanced field of view.


Introducing SCOPEYE NEW BAND...

SCOPEYE has been equipped with the New Band. Experience unparalleled stability and comfort, effortless wearability, and an enhanced field of view.

Its exceptional features include boundless comfort, the completion of the Eyes Up Display, easy wearability, and visionary integration for surgical excellence.

Boundless Comfort

a feather-light experience,

eliminating any discomfort or pressure

on your head even during extended usage.

Revolutionary and stable

The New Headband provides unlimited adjustability

to accommodate your individual head and angle of view.

Completion of Eyes Up Display

Optimal Eyes Up Display that allows you

to view the monitor screen in front of your eyes

and easily view the external environment.

Visionary Integration

for Surgical Excellence

Seamlessly integrates smart glass and optical loupes,

providing surgeons with a comprehensive solution

that enhances their visual acuity, simplifies workflow,

and elevates surgical outcomes.

Surgical light (wired, wireless) is an option.

Can be worn easily

SCOPEYE New Band can be worn easily and comfortably by people of all ages. Regardless of the size of the head, the circumference can be adjusted as desired. With a comfortable headband and an adjustable knob, you can easily customize the head circumference size for a perfect fit.


FOV(40°) for precise work

Compatible with

3D Medical Imaging Devices