The MediThinQ solution

enables free vision and comfortable posture during surgery,

a long-cherished wish of medical staff



SCOPEYE is a Medical Eyes Up Display offering unrivalled surgical

viewing experience to surgeons by providing a comfortable,

lightweight and ergonomically sound experience during the most

complicated surgical procedures.


MetaSCOPE is a revolutionary medical device that combines a high-performance magnifying camera with Eyes Up Display technology.


MetaSCOPE CAM is an easy-to-install wireless camera optimized for medical and dental applications. Stream and record from a variety of perspectives in order to collect more varied and complete data for your surgeries to be used with AI.


SCOPEYE THERMO is an innovative product that combines thermal imaging camera and real-time wireless streaming Eyes Up Display.

Eyes Up NAVI

World Unique Procedural Ultrasound

3 Innovations in 1

Handheld Ultrasound + Needle Navigation + Eyes Up Display