Breast reconstruction using deep inferior epigastric perforator flap


SCOPEYE - Revolutionizing 3D Robotic Visualization with Prof. Jim Khan

Discover SCOPEYE, an innovative technology in robotic surgery training introduced by Prof. Jim Khan. SCOPEYE enhances 3D visualization, allowing trainees to experience the same 3D vision as provided by the da Vinci console. Through SCOPEYE, the premier partner for 3D medical robots, Dr. Khan supervises the training of assistant physicians and performs effective medical tasks that were previously impossible with 2D monitors. This advancement significantly improves training precision and ergonomics, optimizing the learning process and surgical outcomes.


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Wearable Scope

Visible Skin Care Procedure

Wireless Medical Camera


SCOPEYE is a cutting-edge wearable Eyes Up Display designed to address the discomfort experienced by medical staff during monitor-based surgeries. By combining wireless transmission technology and advanced medical imaging capabilities, SCOPEYE provides real-time visualization of various medical images, enhancing mobility, convenience, and efficiency during surgical procedures.


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MediThinQ wins Gold at Edison Awards 2023

for its Medical AR Wearable Technology, MetaSCOPE.


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Wireless Smart Glasses Solution

for C-arm/O-arm surgical image display

Robotic Surgery

Transmitting 3D images from a robotic surgery system for medical staff and trainees


Wearable display solution

for surgical microscopes


MediThinQ offers innovative products designed for optimal use in the field of dentistry.

Medical staff's long-cherished desire for

free sight and comfortable posture during surgery

Solution by MediThinQ